Our Approach

We build – What you want – Where you want!

At Elite Craft Homes we have unique approach to building homes.  Unlike the majority or our competition, you are not limited to our plans and our communities – we will build what you want, where you want.  In order to outline how this works we have provided a few steps.


The first step is to “Find a Lot” We understand that when it comes to buying a home, location truly is everything, and we are committed to helping you build your home where you want to live.  So with that in mind these are your options:

  1. We will build on “Your Lot” –  Many of you may have found the perfect place to live and have already purchased a building lot.  Over the last few years the majority of our work has come from building homes for people who already have a building lot.
  2. We can build your home on “Our Lot” – If you don’t have a building lot, we may have one for you.

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  3. We can help you “Find a Lot” – If we don’t have the right location and you haven’t purchased a building lot, we can help you find one.
2 The next step is to “Find a Plan” Once you know where you want to live, you need to find a plan. You can start by looking at our plans to see if we have a plan that is right for you.  If you have a plan, we can give you a custom quote in 10 days, all we need is a PDF digital copy.

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Elite Craft Homes is a custom builder, meaning we can change, modify, or tweak any plan in order to build exactly what you are looking for.  This gives you the freedom to add on or take out any feature – there by creating the perfect home.  We can also help you design your dream home from scratch.

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