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Elite Craft Homes

At Elite Craft Homes we realize that the homeowner is our number one priority. We truly believe that our main concern in building homes is creating a “satisfied” customer. We realize that any success we have year to year, will be from the number of jobs we obtain from referrals and repeat buyers.

So, our goal is to make your building experience the best possible. We attribute our success to this philosophy, and to our dedicated group of employees who understand this principle and take pride in creating the best possible building experience.

Jerry Preston

Founder, Managing Partner, President

Jerry has been building quality custom homes in Utah for over 25 years. Jerry is very respected in the building industry having served as President of the Northern Wasatch Home Builders Association and been a member of its executive board for more than a decade. He is known throughout the industry for his honesty and integrity, and believes that a homeowner should receive the highest quality and service rendered from the expertise of a contractor. Jerry’s number one focus has always been creating “satisfied” customers, which explains why some people have had Jerry build them multiple homes.

Trent Preston

Vice President

Trent has worked for or with his father (Jerry) since 1997, and has always had a passion for building homes. As a young boy he used to tell everyone that when he grew up he was going to be a “home maker”, and for the most part that came true. Trent has overseen the construction of many homes ranging from high end custom homes to entry level starter homes, and has an eye for helping people design and create exactly what they want in a home. Trent earned his bachelor degree in Business Administration/Marketing in 2008 from Weber State University.

Bill Thurston

Construction Manager

Bill much like Jerry has been building homes for more than two decades. He is widely considered one of the best construction managers in the state, having spent his entire working career building everything from entry level starter home communities to high-end custom homes. Bill is an expert in nearly every phase of construction, making him an invaluable part of our company. Bill has often said that when all the dust settles, the best part of building homes is helping people make their dream home become a reality.

Mike Bastian

Real Estate Agent

Mike has worked in the Real Estate Industry for over 12 years and specializes in new construction and land development. He has worked with Elite Craft Homes for more than 5 years. His experience coupled with his passion for success and professionalism ensures your real estate transaction is a smooth process. He has helped clients at all stages of their lives, from buying their first home to selling their current home to purchase their dream home. Mike’s focus is on the client’s end goal and he understands that the decision to build a new home is a huge decision and investment. He will work with you to find a building lot, select the perfect plans, keep you updated throughout the building process, and more! You can reach Mike directly at 801-645-6735.

We build – What you want – Where you want!

At Elite Craft Homes we have unique approach to building homes. Unlike the majority or our competition, you are not limited to our plans and our communities – we will build what you want, where you want. In order to outline how this works we have provided a few steps.


The first step is to “Find a Lot” We understand that when it comes to buying a home, location truly is everything, and we are committed to helping you build your home where you want to live. So with that in mind these are your options:

  1. We will build on “Your Lot” – Many of you may have found the perfect place to live and have already purchased a building lot. Over the last few years the majority of our work has come from building homes for people who already have a building lot.
  2. We can build your home on “Our Lot” – If you don’t have a building lot, we may have one for you.

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  3. We can help you “Find a Lot” – If we don’t have the right location and you haven’t purchased a building lot, we can help you find one.
2 The next step is to “Find a Plan” Once you know where you want to live, you need to find a plan. You can start by looking at our plans to see if we have a plan that is right for you. If you have a plan, we can give you a custom quote in 10 days, all we need is a PDF digital copy.

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Elite Craft Homes is a custom builder, meaning we can change, modify, or tweak any plan in order to build exactly what you are looking for. This gives you the freedom to add on or take out any feature – there by creating the perfect home. We can also help you design your dream home from scratch.

See why hundreds of people have chosen Elite Craft Homes!

Can I make changes to a floor plan?

You can make any changes to a floor plan that you want, so long as the changes are possible, and we will help you design what you want. There is no cost involved for designing and making changes to the plan unless of course the changes drive up the cost of construction.

If I don’t love the selections you have for (carpet, tile, cabinets, etc.) can I go find my own?

We do have many selections for you from which to choose, however if you don’t find exactly what you want, you are welcome to look elsewhere. We have accounts with several companies and our sales reps with those companies are more than willing to meet with you. However if this is the route you choose, we will just need to make sure that what ever you find works within the budget we have set.

Do I have to pick from the plans on your website?

No, if you already have a plan we will price it out for you, on one of our lots, on your lot, or on another lot you have found. If you don’t have a plan and the plans on our site aren’t what you are looking for, then we can help you find one or design one from scratch.

I have a relative that is a plumber, can I have them do the plumbing in my home instead of your subcontractor?

Yes – we allow for many different types of sweat equity. Our only requirement is that if a relative or friend is doing the work, they must be licensed and insured. The only exception to that rule is if you are personally doing the work.

Does the cost of the home include landscaping?

The answer to this depends on the location, typically we do not include landscaping in the price of the home. With that said, if you are interested in one of our planned unit communities such as Sandalwood Cove, or Retirement & Townhomes at Rice Farms Estates, then the answer is yes landscaping is included. Anywhere else landscaping is not included, but can be added as part of the purchase contract.

Do you have a fee that you charge just to bid my set of plans?

Absolutely Not – We are in the business of building homes to make a living, not bidding homes to make a living. Therefore any leg work performed to price out your home or even options on your home are free of charge. We understand that we have to earn your business.

From start to finish how long will it take to build my home?

This obviously varies based on the size and design of the home, but a good rule of thumb is anywhere from 4 to 9 months. However please ask us for a better time estimate on your home because we will give you a pretty specific time frame.

What is the warranty included with my new home?

We require all of our subs and suppliers to carry a full one year labor and material warranty. There are longer warranties for specific items such as Appliance manufacturer’s warranties, Hardi siding warranties, HVAC equipment, etc. We do offer a 10 year warranty program as an upgrade that is priced based on the cost of the home. Please ask us for further details.

Will you finish a basement? or are you just interested in new homes?

We will look at any home project you have, from basements to remodels. About 25% of our business comes from basement finishes and remodels, so we are absolutely interested in giving you pricing for either.

I already have a building lot, would you be willing to give me a price for a home on my lot?

Most definitely – Over the last three years the majority of our work has come from building homes for people who have already purchased a building lot, or have one in mind that is not ours. All we need is a PDF set of plans and we can get you a price in approximately 10 days.

How much money do I need to put down?

This truly depends on your situation. For example if you have your own building lot, we don’t require anything down because we consider your lot as the down payment that will tie you into the project. We require $10,000 down if you are building on one of our lots in our subdivision, and we would likely require around $20,000 if we are helping you purchase a building lot not located in one of our subdivisions.

How do I know how much I qualify to borrow?

We can send you to our preferred lender, who will ask that you fill out an application. They will run some numbers based on the information you have provided and give you an idea of what you can afford. They also have do-it-yourself calculators that will give you an idea based upon the information it asks you to plug in.

Who will I be dealing with from day to day during construction?

We consider ourselves a very hands on company, we are family owned and operated with few employees. Therefore you will be working with either Jerry or Trent in the pre-construction process and throughout the construction of your home. You will also work with Bill Thurston our construction manager throughout the construction process. “No Middle Man”

Time to Get Started!

We had Jerry Preston with Elite Craft Homes build our home for the 2003 Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes. This was our 2nd home built by Jerry Preston. It was such a great experience the first time, there was no question who would build us our dream home. They have stood behind their product and have been exceptional with warranty items. Anyone looking for an experienced builder, I would highly recommend Elite Craft Homes.

– Charlie & Sue Hunsaker
Our home-buying experience was awesome! Elite Craft Homes not only honored the ‘expired’ free upgrades they had listed on their web page when we negotiated the terms of the home purchase, but they honored all commitments they made (bending over backwards to make sure we were completely satisfied). My wife and I were on a constricted time schedule in which to get our home built, and Elite Craft Homes came through at every turn. The home was finished on time, and was built to the highest quality!
We have been in the home for 18 months now, and the service after sell is just as stellar as the home building experience itself. They even contacted us to perform a ‘one-year inspection’ to make sure everything was as we hoped. The only drawback to having them build us such a wonderful house, which will be our home for many years to come, was that now we will not be able to have them build us a home again in the near future.
– Jim & Sharon Davis –

We had an excellent experience building our home with Elite Craft Homes. Right from the beginning we felt comfortable with them as they worked with us from the initial planning and design right up through the final inspection and beyond. They did what they said they would do and stayed within budget (no hidden surprises). They are honest, reliable, and fair and we would definitely build with them again. We love our home!

– Scott & Maria Blamires –

We have been in our home 2 months and love it. Elite Craft Homes made building a great experience.They listened to what we wanted and made it all come together at a price we could afford. After looking for months for a place to call home it was so great to find a builder that went above and beyond our expectations.

– Marcus & Jamie Sorensen –